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First of the great Germanic migrations


The Cimbri Appear

ISBN 978-1-7375539-2-2

In 120 BC a cataclysmic tidal wave destroys the Jutland peninsula, home to the Cimbri, a Germanic tribe already living on the edge of survival.


The Cimbri nation embarks on an unprecedented migration that will take them on a twenty-year quest to find a new homeland. Following the ancient trade routes and the great rivers of Iron-Age Europe, they traverse foreboding swamps, primordial forests, vast plains, and towering mountains.

When a jealous god’s curse is revealed as the reason for their sufferings, the Cimbri must continue their epic journey, but their rampage in Noricum has attracted the attention of the Roman republic.

The Cimbri Appear is a historical fiction novel, full of action, adventure, suspense, betrayal, and romance. Archeological and historical facts are woven into a fictional world of violence, climatic change, and social upheaval.

Rise of the Red Wolf

ISBN 978-1-7375539-6-0

After inflicting a terrible defeat on Rome's legions, the Cimbri unexpectedly turn away from Italy and cross the Alps. Cursed by a jealous god, they cannot press their advantage without risking their own destruction. As Rome braces for attack, the Germans vanish back into the mysterious north.

As reports of their rampage in Gaul reaches Rome, enormous political pressures grow. When the Cimbri and their allies threaten the important trade city of Massalia, Consul Marcus Junius Silanus is sent to intercede.

For a second time, the Cimbri petition Rome for land in return for military service, and when the Senate rejects their request, the German tribes are prepared to hand Rome another catastrophic loss. 

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