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Rome’s legions lie dead on the battlefield and their general, Gnaeus Papirius Carbo, is awaiting his trial for cowardice and incompetence. Inexplicably, Borr and the Cimbri turn away from the undefended fertile valleys of northern Italy and vanish back into the mysterious north.

The senate turns its attention to the war in Africa and soon the barbarians are forgotten, while the Cimbri cross the Alps and continue their trek westward.

Four years later, the northern tribes are leaving a trail of destruction across Gaul when they reappear in the Roman province of Gallia Narbonensis. Once again, Rome is thrown into a panic and junior consul Marcus Junius Silanus is sent to intervene. The legions march north to confront the invaders, as Germanic war drums rumble across the burning frontier.


A fictional story based on real people and real events. Archeological and historical facts are seamlessly woven into a fictional world full of violence, climactic change, and social upheaval. It's a story about people trying to survive, to love each other, and to rebuild their lives after everything they know is destroyed. It will keep you riveted through every page, anticipating the next challenge Borr and his family will face.

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